UrgNet Control Center

  • take back control of your data!
  • the use of 3rd party vendors and partners is vital to doing business
  • online. but, data breaches caused by these companies are increasing
  • daily and most businesses have no protections in place or even know
  • if they have been compromised.
of companies say they have experienced
a data breach caused by one of their vendors
or Third parties. less than half indicate
that they have sufficient resources
to manage third-party relationships*
URGNet control center makes it easy to track, control and protect your confidential information:

Select and authorize companies to share data and images with and know exactly what data is available to them

Enact contracts to protect data and images from being sold or used in any way beyond the 3rd party’s service

Track data and image feeds to ensure proper upload and see the last date an upload was received

Receive email updates if the data or image feed is out of date

Save time transfering your 3rd party data extraction programs when a host computer is replaced.

This program is available at no cost to all recyclers, members and non-members alike, because URG is dedicated to protecting every recycler and their most valuable asset - their data.

“The third-party ecosystem is an ideal environment for cybercriminals looking to infiltrate an organization, and the risk only grows as these networks become larger and more complex.”

– Dov Goldman, VP, Innovation & Alliances of Opus, provider of global compliance and risk management solutions