NEW FEATURE: Core Program

New core buyers available on the Core Value Program electronic feed:
Scott J. Stolberg
(800) 426-8771  Toll Free
(702) 649-7776 ext. 202
(702) 649-6777  Fax
Jared Hund
(614) 603-5400
Jason Liber
(800) 944-2737  Toll Free
(419) 727-0706  Fax

Rachel Adams
(877) 749-2673
(480) 304-3093  Fax


CLICK HERE to see the full list of companies available to electronically submit loads

How to access this feature:

Send your core load file directly from the core load build screen on URG’s core website to the core company.  You no longer need to manually send the data file.  It is all automatic through the core load build screen.

When your load is complete, click progress and send. Your data file has now been received by the core company and they will call to schedule the pickup.

OR  CLICK HERE to watch a tutorial on how to access this feature


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