Hello everyone – it sure is an exciting and interesting time going on in the salvage industry. The consolidation of the auto recyclers continues, and the overall business climate remains strong.

We are finding quite a few instances of dealerships doing price matching and in certain instances not even requiring an invoice but just the quote. These examples indicate a few things; New part availability is getting better & the price on used is pushing the ceiling which allows the dealer to be loose with the paperwork. Our sales staff needs to continue to sell and not just accept and process orders.

There are a number of changes that are taking place within Profit Team Consulting that we would like to tell you about. The news of Lee Worman departing PTC for an exciting new opportunity is making its way around. Lee will be joining the Executive Team for AESOP. His start date is a bit in the future to allow him to finish a few things for specific customers that were close to completion, but he has given up his access to all the PTC group information and is no longer a part of the PTC team. We wish the best to Lee on his new endeavor, and we have enjoyed the last 4 years we have spent together.

During the URG Conference back in April, we announced that JC Cahill would be joining the team. During the last few months, VINMATCHPRO has grown significantly faster than Todd & JC had anticipated. That has put a greater time demand on JC and is not going to allow him to give the time and attention to the consulting that everyone had hoped. JC will be helping PTC on some projects moving forward but will not be a formal member of the team.

Mike Kunkel & Rob Rainwater will continue to provide the same high level of training and coaching as we have for many years now but will require some changes on our part.  We have been looking for an administrator to add and that person will be starting in the next few weeks. This will significantly improve the communications you receive from us. Meeting notifications, reminders of upcoming events along with the behind the scenes planning of the various events to put on & attend. This will open up some time on the calendar for both of us. This time will be needed as we both expand the number of individuals we will be working remotely with.

l will be working this round of peer group meetings by myself.  We will be discussing some of the potential options for the groups moving forward at the meetings that are scheduled for September and October. It is an interesting time for all of us and all challenges create opportunity and when done correctly, betterment occurs for all involved. That is our approach to the future and while we do not know for sure what will happen, we are certain that prosperity will continue for Profit Team Consulting and our loyal customers.

We hope to count on you as one of those loyal customers as we promise to continue to help push you to grow in both sales and profits to accomplish whatever professional goals you have. Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns and we are looking forward to visiting with everyone at ARA & the upcoming peer groups.

Thanks again for your continued support!

-Mike & Rob


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