In the past two months, URG has released two programs to assist Recyclers in searching for parts in their inventory which have been recalled by the automotive manufacturer. Prior to the two new programs, URG members could search automotive parts subject to recalls through the URG HotKey Program; a shortcut functionality installed on to your computer. Recyclers still have the ability to execute a search either by using the Manual Vin Look-up Hotkey or the Recall Hotkey. Both allow a quick and easy search for recalled parts and whether the parts are subject to the RAS buyback program.
The first new program, VRSS Recall Hotkey, allows members, once opted-in, to use the VRSS Recall Hotkey in conjunction with NSVRP and RAS. The VRSS, or Vehicle Recall Search Service is provided by CARFAX, in partnership with the Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers and the Association of Global Automakers.
The second new program, the VRSS batch vehicle upload program, takes out the manual process of searching for recalls within the recyclers inventory. To use the batch portion of this program, you first must be opted-in for VRSS. Then, must go to the recall tab on URG Sales Support, opt-in, and add your email address. Once the vehicle data is uploaded to URG, the system can automatically send all vehicles VINs, that have not been crushed or sold, to VRSS nightly. The next morning the user can run a report within URG Sales Support for those vehicles with parts, including airbags, that are subject to recalls. Automated daily email notifications on newly entered vehicles that have recalls or previously submitted vehicles that have a new recall make the process effortless.
The best thing about these programs is that they are available to URG Members at no additional cost. If you have any questions about the programs or becoming a URG Member, please contact Kristen Alexander at (512) 887-7922 or Amanda Morrison at (512) 887-3951.

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