Fender Bender / August 2019 / by Kevin Rains / Read original article here

I’ll come right out and say it: I’m pretty bad at hiring. Now, I’ve been blessed to make some great hires over the years, but, I assure you, it was not because I was intentional or systematic about it. In fact, I tend to hire like I lead—mostly from the gut. While this typically works out for me in most areas, hiring is not one of them. I’ve hired too quickly because I needed someone to fill a spot that I personally didn’t want to fill! 

In many ways, I’m too trusting to be good at hiring. Some would even say I’m naive. If someone tells me something, I tend to believe them. And, I’m sure most of the time they believe it, too. 

Saying you are “good with people” means something to me. It’s what I’ve built my career on, and is responsible for the long tenure of many of my employees. Evidently, it means something different to the many people who have used that phrase in an interview and who turned out to not really be all that “good with people” after all. 

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