eComply : URG Associate Member


eComply & URG:

URG and eComply are proud to be partners – understanding the great value that each company adds to the businesses of automotive part recyclers. In an ever changing industry, URG helps recyclers grow and eComply makes sure they do it right.


A Few Thoughts from Mike James, President and CEO:

Technology has revolutionized the equipment we all use to run our business. When it comes to staying in compliance with environmental and safety regulations, you need to know that the tools and information you work with are correct.

That’s where eComply comes in.
eComply is what people call a “disruptive technology.” It is one of those technologies that comes along every once in a while and changes everything about how we do a certain job function. The early adopters of eComply are embracing a simpler, more comprehensive solution to meet compliance, and are reaping the rewards.

Historically, compliance was a relatively simple aspect of running a business. There were much fewer and much easier rules to implement and keep track of. Environmental, Safety, DOT and other Compliance Assurance activities, regardless of the subject, were generally performed one way: with pencil and paper.

Time and technology have changed these compliance demands drastically – whether it is the new diesel engine in a truck, a new way to manage inventory in a warehouse, or the logistics of getting the right product to the right customer on time – the sheer volume of transactions and the complexity and frequency of decisions that must be made have increased exponentially over the years.

Technology has both simplified and complicated our world in many ways. It has made an unfathomable amount of information readily available to us. But the real issues is determining which information you can trust from a sea of people claiming to be experts. eComply ensures that you are in compliance – managing, training and inspecting – in simple and flexible ways to meet to the needs of each individual company.

eComply provides business owners access to important OSHA-related safety programs, from mandatory training, to training selected specifically by the company for their employees. Our systems let owners train in a 24/7, mobile way. Training can be administered on mobile devices, in remote locations, in teams or individually.

Find out more about how eComply can assist and help you meet your Compliance Assurance needs.




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