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With inspection experts already cautioning dealers because of inventory being so difficult to get, CARFAX shared even more data about how many vehicles potentially have been damaged in the wake of Hurricane Ida and other intense storms across the United States in recent weeks.

CARFAX said on Thursday that widespread flooding from Hurricane Ida — centered around New York City, New Jersey and Louisiana — potentially damaged as many as 212,000 vehicles.

The vehicle history report company pointed out that amount is on top of 378,000 flood-damaged cars that CARFAX data shows were already on the road in 2021.

CARFAX indicated Texas continues to lead the nation in the number of flood-damaged vehicle on the road today, but its data also showed water-damaged vehicles appear even in states where flooding isn’t common.

While flood-damaged vehicles are in use in every state, CARFAX data noted that these 10 states have the most:

1. Texas: 66,500
2. Florida: 34,000
3. Kentucky: 23,800
4. Pennsylvania: 19,000
5. North Carolina: 15,300
6. California: 14,000
7. Illinois: 13,500
8. South Carolina: 11,400
9. New Jersey: 11,200
10. Michigan: 10,400

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