BriscoWeb Users: Important Updates

We are continually enhancing the customization of the search function to improve your website and get you more sales.


Data Studio: access to your google analytics dashboard where you can see how your website is performing.
Tier Data: you can setup your website to show your brokering partners data as your own on your website. Allows you to fulfill more part requests so consumers keep coming back.
Aftermarket/Reman Feed:  you have the ability to list the parts as your own from any of the URG Aftermarket, Reman, OE Suppliers at a mark up to fulfill the needs of your customers.
Search Results Layout: new design on the search results screen to get consumers to the results page quicker.
  • Filter by fitment
  • Inquire feature
  • Verify fitment before adding part to cart
  • Filter by left, right, front or back
Changes for each version:
Ver 2.6.36
  • Added option to view parts from latest arrivals page
Ver 2.6.35
  • Added option for MVR images above part list – Displays vehicle images about the vehicle parts page
  • Part name alias option – ability to change the name of a part type to make it easier to lookup. An example would be changing engine brain box to computer
  • Fixed error when re-sending order emails from admin panel
  • Removed H1 tags in modal
Ver 2.6.26
  • Improved SEO signals
  • Adjusted display order for Latest Arrivals – ability to sort the columns on latest arrivals
  • Added Makes shortcode. Image and text option. This shortcode displays the make images or makes text on the home page. Made for browsing inventory
  • Added Hollander R number search support used-parts/search/skurR00583983/ – Hollander yards can quickly search website by adding the R number. Made to send links to clients or for yards to lookup a part on website
 Ver 2.6.24
  • Limit results options
  • Added ability to show your own data first and tier data only when you don’t have that part and interchange in stock
  • Added filter to latest arrival page
  • Added {noimages} option to latest arrival page shortcode to display data even though there are no images. (U Pull It Yards) – Vehicles would not display unless they have an image attached. This options allows to display with and without images
 Ver 2.6
  • Fix results for parts with no interchange
  • Add Part Exclusion for Part Search and Browse for primary and tiered data – Allows you to remove a part type that you don’t want to sell on your website
  • Added a right, left, front, rear placement filter on search results page when applicable
  • OEM Numbers added to description
  • Option to add Used/New/Reman label on search results screen
 Ver 2.5.7
  • Filtered bot searches from Analytics
  • Added Sales and Cart Add to Analytics
  • Added option to show mileage on search results
 Ver 2.5.6
  • Multiple yard data option field – you can setup your system to tier data
  • Fixed interchange application description in order details
  • Added customer chosen fitment in email order details
  • Added alternative data feed for latest arrivals for Powerlink users – pulling the vehicle records for the latest arrivals instead of parts data
 Ver 2.4.143
  • Fixed an issue where no results were displaying for yards using part names as stock numbers
  • Improved sitemap URLS
  • Added sitemap support with daily WP Cron
  • Added function to allow Add to Cart/Local Pickup when Buy Now Exclusion part is listed
  • Force all cart items for Local Pickup when at least one item is set to local
  • Buy Now Exclusion label changed to Local Pickup Parts
  • Added filter for Local Pickup Parts admin
Ver 2.4.140
  • Removed magnify for images
  • Added image blowup on click
  • Added core removal option
  • Removed alphabet filter for makes
  • Added better mobile year, make, model and part type search
  • Synced filter selection with dropdown on product list page
 Ver 2.4.119
  • Added stock image search widget – ability for customers to search by stock number to find the vehicles images on your home page
  • Added style to stock and stock image search
  • Fixed minor CSS issues
 Ver 2.4.115
  • Fixed core price not showing on product page for some Hollander numbers
  • Added support for buy now exclusion
  • Decreased add to cart load time
 Ver 2.4.110
  • Added Left/Right Fitment Labels on search results screen
  • Added fitment text label option for dropdown and filter – ability to put your own text when prompting a customer to choose the correct interchange
 Ver 2.4.73 and previous
  • Latest Arrivals Scroll option and Latest Arrivals Page
  • Google Analytics Tracking for Part Count Found/Not Found
  • Added option to force fitment select before cart add
  • Added option to hide Part C Grade
  • Prevented caching of updated versions
Please contact us if you have questions about your site or any of the updates mentioned here:
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