URG has just launched a batch vehicle upload program to Vehicle Recall Search Service (VRSS).

If URG is receiving your vehicle data, you can automatically send all of your vehicles that have not been crushed or sold to VRSS nightly. You will be able to run a report on all of the vehicles that have recalls, and of those recalls, which ones have airbag recalls.
You can also enter in your email address to receive email notifications daily on newly entered vehicles that have recalls or previously submitted vehicles that have a new recall.
If you already have an account with VRSS and would like to opt-in for the batch program on you will see a new menu option “Recalls”. Here you can opt-in to start using the program.
If you do not have an account with VRSS, and would like to get signed up:

  • Log into and go to the menu option Store Maintenance.
  • Go to the field labeled VRSS Recalls and choose Opt In. Once you choose Opt In a box will appear requesting additional information to get signed up along with terms to accept.
  • Once you accept, the application will be sent to Carfax and they will notify URG support with your access code to finalize the setup.
  • Once URG receives this we will contact you to finish the setup.

The Vehicle Recall Search Service is provided by CARFAX, in partnership with the Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers and the Association of Global Automakers.
This program is available to all URG Members at no additional cost.
Please contact for any questions or for support.

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