American Recycler June 2020 / by MAURA KELLER / Read original article

For Anthony Wahl, owner of Wahl to Wahl Auto Parts in Cooperstown, New York, automotive recycling was fairly strong going into the COVID-19 pandemic.

“We had been in heavy growth mode for the last eight years with a lot of major investments. We had one of our best months in our company history going into the start of our state shut down in New York,” Wahl said. But like many auto recyclers, that status changed very quickly when New York was shut down for non-essential workers.

“Fortunately, we are an essential business,” Wahl said. “But with fewer cars on the road, there have been fewer accidents, less people needing parts and less salvage vehicles available at the salvage pool.”

Greg Dixon, chief executive officer of Smart Recycling Management, agrees that prior to the pandemic, the automotive recycling industry was, generally speaking, in great shape. The overall economy at that time was good and business in general was positive.

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