Hydro, Austin AI to develop automotive aluminum alloy sorting technology

The aluminium company Norsk Hydro, based in Oslo, Norway, has signed a cooperation agreement with the equipment company Austin AI Inc. (AAI), Austin, Texas, to jointly develop and test an advanced technology to sort automotive aluminium alloys. In a news release about the project, the companies state that new developments could bring a step change […]

General Motors rakes in revenues from recycling

The automotive industry is “material resource–intensive,” General Motors stated in its 2015 sustainability report. The iconic American automaker wants to change that by greatly reduce its own waste footprint — committing to cut total waste by 40 percent by 2020, from the base year of 2010. And that includes all of its manufacturing waste. READ […]

URG 2017 Conference: Bring your sales people!

Vicki Hitzges 2 sessions on Saturday! Vicki Hitzges teaches audiences to strengthen relationships, motivate employees, conquer change and choose to feel positive. She speaks from experience. She learned how to relate quickly as a Dallas TV reporter and talk show host. She can motivate a crowd of ten or 10,000, she’s dynamic and funny, and […]

Amazon is expanding into the auto parts market

In its latest step into the auto market, Amazon has struck deals with several of the largest auto parts suppliers in the US to sell their products directly through Amazon, the New York Post reports. READ MORE

2017 URG Training Conference: Embracing Change with Richard Flint

As one of America’s top personal development speakers and coaches, Richard Flint speaks over 175 times per year in the areas of Leadership, Sales, Customer Care and Self Development. Richard has been successfully mentoring and quietly helping professional organizations, large and small businesses and individuals for over 30 years. Click below for a special video […]

A year in the life of Detroit: how the auto industry won 2016

2016 was a lion for the U.S. auto industry, with automakers collectively racking up their third consecutive year of record sales. That’s an all the more massive achievement considering the decade began with the worst downturn the U.S. car market had suffered since the Great Depression. READ MORE

End life of a vehicle – The automobile recycling process

We all love our cars when they’re shiny and new, but eventually that shine wears off until one day your car is done. When your car isn’t safe to drive and no amount of repair work will get that old car back on the road, it has reached its end life. Now it starts down […]