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Last Years Conference – Don’t Miss out on 2018!

URG Scholarship Foundation Application

The URG Scholarship Foundation was founded in 2014, dedicated to those individuals who gave their talent, time and very often their own finances to ensure the growth and success of the automotive recycling industry. Created by Auto Recyclers for Recyclers, URG remains focused in the areas of education, business acumen, and most importantly, supporting automotive recyclers...
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URG Responds to CNN Report

Auto insurers accused of pushing “junk yard parts” and cheap, dangerous repairs.

CNN Report: On Feb. 11, Anderson Cooper 360 released a report detailing the way auto insurance companies coerce body shops into using cheap parts and dangerous practices to save money. As in many of these types of stories the information provided is mostly one sided...
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Are recyclers the next target of insurance companies?

PartsTrader, which appears to be State Farm's next attempt to reduce expenses by passing them off to some other industry, is a direct threat to the way we do business. If they follow the same pattern they have with body shops, this is simply their first step in both controlling how you run your business...
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