Wheelspotter: Stop Scrapping Valuable Wheels

Wheelspotter: Stop Scrapping Valuable Wheels

Locator Magazine Summer 2019 / Joe Sieger / Read the original article here

Hollander’s new app, WheelSpotter will have you selling wheels for two to three times their scrap value. 

The WheelSpotter app - available for all iOS12 devices - quickly identifies a wheel’s Hollander Interchange number to determine whether that wheel should be sold to a scrapper (e.g., for $8 - $18) or a remanufacturer (e.g., for $30 - $50). 

All you have to do, is take a picture of a wheel using an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. Wheelspotter applies machine learning and advanced filtering to analyze the photo, sort through over 12,000 OEM wheels, and determine the Hollander Interchange number of your wheel. 

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