RIGHT TO REPAIR Front and Center Issue in 2019

RIGHT TO REPAIR Front and Center Issue in 2019

The "Right to Repair" movement is having a moment in 2019 and it's worth paying attention to - both as an industry and as an individual consumer.

From mentions by presidential hopefuls Warren and Sanders, to being on the ballot in Boston, while the "right to repair" focus is often on electronics, the implications for auto repair shops and car owners is huge.

As technology advances and our products and vehicles are able to record and report vast amounts of detail - who owns and who has access to that information will continue to be battlefield. The ability for auto shops and for consumers to maintain access is imperative when making decisions about car repairs and costs and will likely remain at the front and center of this debate.

This article in Gizmodo gives a great overview on this topic, as well as this Wired Magazine article.

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