Boosting Shop Business with Two-Way Texting

Boosting Shop Business with Two-Way Texting

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Roughly 97 percent of adults text weekly. Thirty-six percent of customers want to connect with businesses post-business hours and do so over the phone. And, 89 percent of customers want to use text messaging to communicate with businesses like body shops, according to the company Podium.

What does this mean for the modern body shop business? That your customers want to text you. 

Offering two-way texting is likely to be beneficial for a shop and increase its positive customer experience. For example, maybe a customer is at work during the shop’s business hours and needs an alternative option or, for whatever reason, the customer can’t make a call and can only text wherever they're at.

Forty-eight percent of customers prefer to use SMS text messaging, according to Podium.

“We kind of see this as a larger ecosystem,” says Brett Steele, regional sales director for Podium, an interaction platform that gives customers options on messaging and customer interaction.

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