Ask Not What You Can Do for URG – Ask What URG Can Do for You

Ask Not What You Can Do for URG – Ask What URG Can Do for You

Summer is a great time to be patriotic and reflect on memorable quotes from past Presidents.  Our headline is a slight adaptation of President John F. Kennedy’s quote, but it makes our point well!

What can URG do for you?

For one thing, URG created a Warranty Insurance Program that enables Members to own their own insurance company or enjoy fractional ownership with other members in an insurance company. URG Members may insure standard warranties and extended warranties through the program.  Members also benefit by being taxed at a rate of 0% on their warranty captive insurance profits. The profits in the insurance company can be invested and grow to meet future goals of the auto recycler and its owners.

This program is made possible to members because URG has formed a parent insurance company that extends its license to members at a nominal cost.  This innovative program does not require Members to alter how they run their warranty programs.  It provides tremendous benefits for minimal effort and cost. To become part of the URG Warranty program and tap into its benefits, contact Randy Sadler at 865-599-6104 or  CIC Services, LLC is the program administrator.

Wear your red, white and blue this Summer.  Be patriotic.  But keep more green in your pocket.

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