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A recent study indicates the average attention span of humans has shrunk to 7 seconds—one second less than a goldfish. My first thought is, How do you study the attention span of a goldfish? But let’s ignore that part. When you think about our teammates, and ourselves, having such short attention spans, how are we, as business leaders, supposed to get through to anyone? How do we get a group of people pulling in the same direction for longer than 7 seconds?!

The answer might be found in an ‘80s movie, The Karate Kid. Mr. Miagi always reminded his student Daniel to focus.

I have been fortunate enough to take part in some very impactful leadership training classes throughout my career. One of the main themes they all share is how beneficial it is to focus. Now, I know that may seem like an obvious statement, but how many of us can actually say we have a singular, narrow focus that we use to approach our jobs everyday? A common day can see us pulled in several different directions.

The magic potion to getting things accomplished is to focus on the smallest target possible.

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